Tissue Box Covers




Tissue Box Covers

A Tissue Box Cover is a great way to hide that generic tissue packaging and math it to the style of you home. Designers of Tissue packaging simply cannot cater for all tastes.

A tissue box cover makes a practical gift and makes a lovely décor item, too.


All tissue boxes are purchased as wooden blanks, then hand painted, embellished and sealed.

They have a slide out base so it’s easy to replace a box when it’s empty. They fit tissue boxes that are commonly available in stores.

I use resin mouldings from Chic Mouldings to embellish the tissue box covers.


The large box is 250mm W x 130 mm D x 90mm H (or 9.8″ W x 5.2″ D x 3.5″ H)

The small Box is 140mm W x 130 mm D x 130mm H (or 5.5″ W x 5.2″ D x 5.2″ H)

Please note that note that combinations of silver and gold are not available, an if you pick any variation that is unavailable, you’ll be notified before adding to cart.

The photos are of various tissue boxes created in the past, and I will be uploading a sample sheet showing all of the colour options soon.

In the meantime, you can click the magnifying glass on an  image for more information about the colour and embellishment type.

You can find more photos  here.

Please note – tissues are for staging purposes only and are not included with the tissue box cover.

Tissue Box Covers by Adornamental

Additional information

Tissue Box Colour

Dark Blue Paint, Dark Blue Stain, Dark Oak Stain, Grey Paint, Metallic Mottle Dark Blue & Turquoise, Metallic Mottle Dark Blue and Purple, Metallic Mottle Purple and Gold, Metallic Mottle Red and Gold, Metallic Mottle Teal & Gold, Red Stain, Teal Paint, Teal Stain

Tissue Box Embellishments

Gold Cat with Georgian Mouldings, Gold Crown with Georgian mouldings, Gold Greyhound with Georgian Mouldings, Gold Rabbit with Georgian Mouldings, Gold Rococo Frame with Custom Image, Silver Cat with Georgian Mouldings, Silver Crown with Georgian Mouldings, Silver Greyhound with Georgian Mouldings, Silver Rabbit with Georgian Mouldings, Silver Rococo Frame with custom image

Tissue Box Size

Large, Small