Hamish – Tartan Hare


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Hamish – Tartan Hare Wall Décor


Hamish is of scots ancestry – can you tell? His interests are staring competitions, extreme binkies* and dandelion flowers.


*”binkies” is the word used for the athletic and “graceful” twisting jumps that hares and rabbits display. Hamish is a true athlete and can out-binky anyone in grace, height and creativity.


More about my custom hare faux taxidermy creatures

They have resin eyes, and the ears are sewn together. They come with a backboard with a keyhole type hanger set into the back. All you need is a hook, screw, or nail that is suitable for your wall to hang it on.

They are made from high quality upholstery fabric scraps and swatch books. I use a variety of trims when needed to support any fragile edges. For some styles, I will fray the edges on purpose.

Hares also have wire sewn into the edges of the ears to make them poseable, and whiskers made from fishing line.

Dimensions are 220mm H x 125mm W x 180mm D


Please note – these are not a toy.

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