Fergal – Russet Plaid Hare


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Fergal – Russet Plaid Hare


Fergal is a distant cousin of Hamish. Hamish and Fergal share an ancestral clan, though Fergal’s ancestors relocated to Ireland long before either was a leveret. Fergal’s loves are chasing the end of the rainbow, teasing leprechauns and decimating the neighbour’s carrot field. Fergal is, righftully so, proud to be ginger.

More about my custom hare faux taxidermy creatures

They have resin eyes, and the ears are sewn together. They come with a backboard with a keyhole type hanger set into the back. All you need is a hook, screw, or nail that is suitable for your wall to hang it on.

They are made from high quality upholstery fabric scraps and swatch books. I use a variety of trims when needed to support any fragile edges. For some styles, I will fray the edges on purpose.

Hares also have wire sewn into the edges of the ears to make them poseable, and whiskers made from fishing line.


All are finished with a 3m protective spray.

Dimensions are 220mm H x 125mm W x 180mm D


Please note – these are not a toy.

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